I have been tying flies for over ten years during which time I have been tying patterns that cover variety of different environments and species. These range from baitfish imitations for coho and coastal cutthroat in the saltwater, small dry flies and nymphs for native cutthroat high in the Rocky Mountains and goddy swinging flies for winter steelhead along the Pacific coast. This page will feature new patterns that a have added, or links to instructions for archived flies.

Marabou Clouser

Native Trout Fly Fishing



Daiichi 2546 Size 4 to 8 Saltwater Hook


6/0 white


Spirit River Real Eyes Plus 5/32" for size 6 and 8 or 3/16" for size 4 with eye color of choice


White Marabou


Krystal flash in pearl (other colors may be used)


Marabou color of choice, brown Spirit River Mottlebou in this case


The marabou clouser is one of the most effective Puget Sound cutthroat and coho flies. Tied in a variety of colors this pattern will provide a 12 month out of the year coverage for this fishery. My favorite underwing colors are brown, olive, gray, tan, yellow, pink and chartreuse.


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