Marabou Clouser



Daiichi 2546 Size 4 to 8 Saltwater Hook


6/0 white


Spirit River Real Eyes Plus 5/32" for size 6 and 8 or 3/16" for size 4 with eye color of choice


White Marabou


Krystal flash in pearl (other colors may be used)


Marabou color of choice, brown Spirit River Mottlebou in this case


The marabou clouser is one of the most effective Puget Sound cutthroat and coho flies. Tied in a variety of colors this pattern will provide a 12 month out of the year coverage for this fishery. My favorite underwing colors are brown, olive, gray, tan, yellow, pink and chartreuse.

Tying Instruction

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Step 1: Start the thread about 1/3 of a shank length behind the eye. Wrap it forward and form to small bumps of thread, making sure to leave ten to fifteen percent of the shank length free in front of the bump closest to the eye. These "bumps" of thread help to hold the eyes in place and prevent them from spinning. Apply a small amount of Zap-A-Gap to the space between the bumps and place the eyes in the middle. Secure the eyes using a series of figure eight wraps.

Step 2: Tie in a white marabou feather in front of the eyes that is measured out to extend 1 to 1 1/2 of shank length past the bend of the hook. Also secure the marabou behind the eyes, I like to tie the marabou in somewhat sparse during the fall when salmon get a bit more finicky.

Step 3:Tie in between 4 and 12 strands for krystal flash or alternative flash material on the bottom of the hook below the eyes. The flash should be about the same length or longer than the white marabou and I like a bit of extra flash for brighter days.

Step 4: Tie in some brown marabou or other color of choice on the bottom of the hook over the top of the krystal flash. This marabou should be the same length as the white marabou. Whip finish and head cement the fly once the marabou is secured.

Step 5: A top view of the fly. When in the water, due to the weight of the eyes the hook will flip over and ride with the hook point up.