Gig Harbor Glow Fly



Daiichi 2546 Size 4 or 6 Saltwater Hook


6/0 white thread and 3/0 glow in the dark thread for the head


Size 1.5 or 2.0 tape or 3D eyes

Mono Loop:

10lb tippet material.


White bucktail and white glow in the dark flashabou


Chartreuse Spirit River Glow in the Dark Mylar Motion, White Glow in the Dark Flashabou, Pink Spirit river Glow in the dark Mylar Motion


This fly has been an especially productive low light pattern for me since I developed it several years ago. Both night and day it is a consistent producer of Chinook salmon, coho salmon and sea-run cutthroat trout.

Tying Instruction

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Step 1: Start the thread about 1/3 of a shank length behind the eye and tie in a loop of 10lb mono that extends slightly past the bend of the hook. This will help to ensure that the material does not tangle around the hook while fishing the fly.

Step 2: Tie in a small clump of white bucktail that extends one to one and a half shank lengths beyond the bend of the hook. The stiffer bucktail will also help to keep the fly from fouling.

Step 3:Tie in a decent sized clump of white glow in the dark flashabou that extends about two shank lengths beyond the bend of the hook. I like the flashabou brand flashabou for the main bulk of the fly because it moves well and has a krinkly profile..

Step 4: Tie in 6 to 8 strands of chartreuse Spirit River Glow in the Dark Mylar Motion over the top of the white flashabou. This material is straighter and stiffer than the flashabou brand material and makes great lateral lines and overwings.

Step 5: Tie in another clump of white glow flash equal to the first one over the top of the rest of the wing material.

Step 6: Tie in a dozen or so strands of pink Spirit River Glow in the Dark Mylar Motion for an over wing. Leave two of the tag ends in while trimming and wrap over them up to the eye of the hook. These will end up being used as a color transition over the top of the head. Whip finish and tie of the thread..

Native Trout Fly Fishing

Step 6: Start some 3/0 glow thread at the back of the head and wrap forward and back again coating the entire head with glow thread. Pull the two tag ends back and tie them down with the glow thread. Whip finish where you tied the tags down at and snip the thread off. Pull the eyes on and epoxy or the head and allow time for the head to dry..

Native Trout Fly Fishing

Step 7: Charge up the fly with a light source, turn of the lights and admire your work!

Native Trout Fly Fishing


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