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Salmonid Terminology

Adfluvial: A migratory life history, where the fish makes use of a lake for growth then migrates to a stream to spawn.

Alevin: A life stage of salmonid, where the fish has yet to fully absorb its yolk sac.

Anadromous: A migratory life history in which the fish migrate to the marine environment, then return to freshwater to spawn.

Agonistic Behavior: Aggressive or threatening behavior typically directed at another fish, often used to settle territorial disputes

Anthropogenic: Human caused issues

Benthic: An organism that lives at or near the bottom of a water body

Caudal Fin: The tail fin of a fish

Caudal Peduncle: The narrow part of a fish just in front of the tail fin

ESA: Endangered Species Act

ESU: Evolutionary Significant Unit

Eutrophic: A very nutrient rich body of water. This term typically applies to lakes and is often associated with problematic algae blooms and oxygen depletion in the bottom waters

Fluvial: A migratory population that makes use of a river for growth, then migrates to a smaller stream to spawn

Fry: An early life stage of a fish soon after emerging from the gravel

Grilse: An Atlatnic salmon that returns after a single year at sea.

Guanine: A compound in the skin of salmonids that results in the silvery coloration common to the marine and lacustrine portions of the lifecycle of certain salmonids.

Hybrid: An offspring of two different species or subspecies of fish Kype: The hook like jaw developed by some sexually mature male salmonids

Iteroparous: A fish with the ability to spawn multiple times

Lacustrine: Lake dwelling

Lateral Line: A sensory system running along the side of a fish, is typically used to detect movement and objects in the water

Natal: Birth place

NOAA: National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration

Parr: A life stage in a sea-run salmonid prior to smolting and migrating to the marine environment

Semelparous: A fish that dies after a single spawning event

Smolt: A juvenile sea-run salmonid that has begun its migration downstream and to the sea. This stage is characterized by a lose of parr marks and transition to a more silvery coloration.

Redd: The nest or place were some salmonids lay their eggs.



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