Lightning Bug



Daiichi 1560 size 12-20


8/0 black


Sized to match the hook


5 or 6 pheasant tail fibers


Brassie or small size copper wire depending on the fly size


Gold, Silver or Pearlescent Mirage tinsel or flashabou wrapped


Peacock herl


Large Gold, Silver or Pearlescent Mirage tinsel or flashabou pulled over the top of the thorax


Hungarian partridge


This flashy little attractor nymph that was developed on the banks of Washington's Yakima River is one of my top producing nymphs and a constant trout producer. One of my favorite ways to fish this fly is as a dropper and it is especially effective in slightly off color water.

Tying Instruction

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Step 1: Place the bead on the hook and start the thread just behind it.

Step 2: Select 6 to 8 natural pheasant tail fibers and measure them out to about 3/4 of a hook shank length, then tie them in as a tail.

Step 3:Tie in about a four inch length of brassie sized copper wire and a strand tinsel or wide flashabou of about the same length.

Step 4: Bring the thread back up to just behind the bead, then wrap the flash material (mirage in this case) up to the same point and tie it off.

Step 5: Wrap the copper wire forward as a rib, leaving fairly even spacing throughout.

Step 6: Tie in a piece of wide pearl flashabou on the top of the hook shank, so that the material is hanging off of the back of the hook shank. The material should be tied in over the mirage body back to about a 1/4 of a shank length behind the bead head.

Native Trout Fly Fishing

Step 7: Dub a thorax with a peacock herl dubbing or alternatively peacock herl may be used.

Native Trout Fly Fishing

Step 8: Tie in some hungarian partridge as legs on each side of the fly. This legs should come back just beyond the end of the thorax. After tying the legs in pulled the flashabou forward over the top of the thorax to form the wing case. Once the back is secured, it is time to whip finish and apply head cement.

Native Trout Fly Fishing