Snot Dart



Daiichi 2546 Size 4 to 8 Saltwater Hook


6/0 color to match fly (orange in this case)


X-small (5/32") for size 8 or small (3/16") for sizes 4 and 6


Orange Floss


Copper wire in the brassie or small size


Tan marabou


A ball of of Orange Hareline Ice Dub


This is very effective fly year round for coastal cutthroat and resident coho in the Puget Sound. While this fly is typically thought of as an attractor pattern, it also provides a good representation of several types of saltwater worms that are found in the Puget Sound. A number of other color combinations are possible and some of my favorites include cerise, light pink, white and chartreuse.

Tying Instruction

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Step 1: Put a gold conehead sized to match the hook and the shank. Start the thread just behind the cone head. Measure out a marabou feather for the tail that is about 1 1/2 times the length of the hook shank, and tie it in. It is important that you secure the marabou feather starting just behind the cone and wrap all of the way back to the bend of the hook to provide the body of the fly with the correct taper.

Step 2: Wrap the thread back up to just behind the cone and tie in about four inches of copper wire for the rib. I prefer the brassie size wire due to its extra durability. Now tie in a four inch section of floss in above the copper wire. I find it easiest to not cut a section but instead have a spool of floss on an extra bobin, but the choice is up to you. Secure these two materials by wrapping the thread back to the bend of the hook.

Step 3: Wrap the thread back up to just behind the conehead, then wrap the floss up to the same point and tie it off.

Step 4: Wrap the copper wire up the floss body to form a rib and tie it off at the same point as the floss.

Step 5: Form a ball of dubbing just behind the cone, then whip finish and head cement.