Sea Run Bugger



Daiichi 2546 Size 6 Saltwater Hook


6/0 color to match fly (orange in this case)


Spirit River Real Eyes 5/32" with chartreuse tape eyes size 1.5


Burnt orange marabou, with four strands of cyrstal flash on each side.


Peach marabou wrapped


Hot Orange Spirit River glitter legs


Hareline Amber UV Estaz


This fly is one of my go to patterns for anadromous coastal cutthroat in the Puget Sound. It tends to be most effective spring through the fall and is responsible for fooling several cutthroat of 20" or better during the last few years. While I generally think of this pattern as a sea-run cutthroat fly it also has taken many coho including an 8lb. migratory fish. Other color combos such as pink, white and olive can also be very effective.

Tying Instruction

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Step 1: Start the thread about 1/3 of a shank length behind the eye. Wrap it forward and form to small bumps of thread, making sure to leave ten to fifteen percent of the shank length free in front of the bump closest to the eye. These "bumps" of thread help to hold the eyes in place and prevent them from spinning. Apply a small amount of Zap-A-Gap to the space between the bumps and place the eyes in the middle. Secure the eyes using a series of figure eight wraps.

Step 2: Tie in a burnt orange marabou feather that is measured out to be 1 to 1 1/4 of a shank length long. I like to secure the feather just behind the eyes than wrap back to the bend of the hook to provide the body with an even taper.

Step 3:Trim the excess marabou behind the eyes and then tie in four strands of orange crystal flash one each side of the tail.

Step 4: Tie in a peach marabou feather tips first, starting just behind the eyes and wrapping back to the bend of the hook.

Step 5: Apply a small amount of Zap-A-Gap to the body between the tail and the eyes. This will provide extra durability for the body. Now wrap the peach marabou feather up the body and tie it off just behind the eyes.

Step 6: Cut four orange glitter legs to about one hook shank long. Tie in two legs on each side of the body just behind the eyes.

Native Trout Fly Fishing

Step 6: Tie in about a 4" strand of amber colored UV Estaz just behind the eyes. Wrap the estaz around the eyes using a series of figure eights to form the head and tie it off in front of the eyes. Once the Estaz is secured whip finish and head cement the fly.

Native Trout Fly Fishing